The Tormentor Mk II Fairground Ride

The Tormentor was first built in December 2018 mainly to be exhibited at the North East London Meccano Club exhibition.

It is a large freelance fairground model with a long heavy arm where a rotating spiral round platform with seats for the riders will rotate at the same time and the arm will go round and round in any direction.

Again this time I did not want to dismantle the model and decided to change it with a new look. The rotating arm originally was resting with a long heavy-duty axle on top of channels in two large structures, one at the front and one at the back. The model was large and heavy, so I opted to remove all the front structure so the main moving units will be seen better and without any obstacles, but in order to rest the very heavy arm without any front support I have fixed the axle only to the back main supporting arch or bridge with a lot of strengthening so it can hold the very heavy moving unit.

Only one kiosk was built to the left of the model and two new sets of steps. The main arch originally fitted to the front structure is now placed on top of the rear main wall and bridge.

I repositioned the motor and altered the two large pulleys engaging the power unit. Some other modifications improved the overall ride, and also reduced its weight.

The Tormentor Mk II will have a prolonged life so it can be shown at future club meetings.

Will you dare to ride it? That is the main question!

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