Built for the Secretary’s Challenge to build a model using part № 113 the Girder Frame, this bicycle uses two of these for the frame. The style of bike is a hybrid between a BMX with its stretched out frame shape, and a mountain bike with front suspension. The “chain” is a standard elastic band, cut in two, threaded through the frame and then knotted together.

April 2014

A bike rack, in a combination of Meccano and cardboard, has been added. It was built for an Open University degree course in Technology. The module (Design Thinking: Creativity in the 21st Century) had a number of assignments; one of these was to come up with a design problem. The chosen idea was for a bike rack for a train carriage, and a prototype 3D model of the proposal had to be made.

The scale of the bike worked out at around 1:8.5 so the rest of the model was to the same scale. The bike rack should be at an angle of 45° to the side of the train, but was built at 90° for simplicity. The large yellow plate represents a section of train floor, the length of the plate being the width of the train carriage. It’s actually too wide; it should be closer to 12” wide.

December 2019

I’ve finally replaced the elastic band, which I had to cut to get it through the frame, with a length of Meccano Spring Cord. It stays on the pulleys and doesn’t break!

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