Passenger Cart

This model was built for the Odd Numbered Parts Only Secretary’s Challenge — fortunately, there are a number of angle girders with odd part numbers, plus the ½” double and reverse angle brackets, the smaller flanged plates, the double-bent strip, and the 2½” by 1½” double-angle strip. So the exclusion of the standard angle bracket is frustrating, but not a show-stopper. There are also some 12½” parts (although not the girder), so it is possible to build a model of reasonable size.

The model was going to be just an open hand-cart, but when I realised that the 5½” curved strip and some of the flexible plates were also eligible, it grew a roof and a bench seat around the inside. It has a kind of rural look, so in real life it might be used to give rides round a country park, behind a tractor perhaps.

And I nearly forgot: The axle rods are 5”, and I don’t think I’ve ever used so many part 133’s (1½” corner brackets) in a model; there are eight. I would normally have used the trunnion!

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