Richard Marsden


3D Printing for Meccano

Richard Marsden uses his 3D printer to create the useful parts that Meccano never made.

A Little More Mathematics for Meccano

Discover how to apply Ptolemy’s Theorem, which applies to quadrilaterals (shapes with four sides) that have all four corners lying on the same circle, to the building of a tapering tower with cross-bracing in your models with this guide by Richard Marsden.

Mathematics for Meccano

Gear ratios, Pythagorus’ theorum, pi, and the golden ratio demystified by Richard Marsden.

Nuts, Bolts and Meccano

Richard Marsden on the standardisation of bolts, the evolution of Meccano fixings, and going metric.

Recalling ‘Fireside Fun’

Richard Marsden tells the story of Meccano Magazine’s jokes and puzzles page.