Ferris Wheel

This model came about by accident. I was experimenting with Pythagorean triangles when I realised that 15,26,30 is so close to a right-angled triangle that slack in the bolt holes would cover the difference. So I made one, then another one to put alongside it and I had an equilateral triangle with a bisector. Six of these in a circle gave me a ‘wheel’ (a hexagon really) with twelve spokes.

It was then a matter of connecting two of these ‘wheels’ side-by-side with 4½ by ½ inch double-angle strips, building a base, tower, motor unit and twelve swing-seats, and adding some extra parts for ornamentation.

Suddenly I had a Ferris wheel.

One of the small ‘MO’ motors, geared down about 1500:1 is adequate to drive it at a realistic speed.

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