Red Arrows Jet

I bought this kit in 2012 or 2013 from Modelzone in Bluewater. It could not have been later than this because sadly Modelzone went into administration in 2013. The rights to the Modelzone brand were quickly bought by W. H. Smith, but all the shops were shut down.

I never took this model to any meetings because other members had got there first. I’ve made an exception now to compare and contrast with my model of an S. E.5a biplane, a scout/fighter plane from World War One.

Looking at the Internet, it seems that Marks and Spencer revived this kit under their own name, essentially the same but with a blue rudder on the tail fin.

Post-meeting addition: Yes, Marks an Spencer did. By coincidence another member at the March meeting had one for sale, unmade and still boxed. Of course I had to buy it. The tail fin is actually red, white and blue, not just white and blue, and there are magnetic roundels to put on the wings. I have built this kit already, and added a photo.

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