Dumper Truck

This model was inspired by the Dinky Toy № 965, Euclid Rear Dump truck. The Dinky Toy had an ingenious mechanism for raising the tipper, using a rack and pinion to push a ram against a shaped ramp-shaped projection on the underside of the tipper bed. I have attempted to reproduce this mechanism, with some success; the result is bulkier, although it still fits within the chassis, and the action isn’t as smooth, for want of suitably shaped parts for the ramp.


Looks good, although I think it might appear better in red. The wheels look exactly right.

Thanks Frank. I had tried to build the whole model in yellow, like the toy, but ran out of parts. You probably recognise the wheels as from the Army sets. I could indeed change them for the red ones from the Highway set. I had planned to use 1” pulleys with heavy-duty tyres, but they turned out to look too small.

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