This was my first serious attempt at building a Meccano bridge. After working out an arrangement of strips that would create the arch shape, I noticed it was exactly the same as Meccano’s model of the Tyne Bridge. So it was back to the sketch pad to try to produce something original.

The curve is now produced by using gradually shorter strips for one side of the triangles that form the arch. Bolting two 5-hole 2” strips together using the centre holes and an offset produces a 2¾" strip, which is a useful extra intermediate length. The towers use a total of sixteen hinged flat plates (who said you never use this part?) which was more than I had in one colour, so the painters must be at work. The model is 4’ 3” long, 16” wide, and over 20” tall. Fortunately it fitted across the back seat of the car with a couple of inches to spare.

It is a freelance design using Torx bolts.


Hi Richard. Nice work! Am I right in thinking that this arch could actually hold some weight too? If so what kind of load are we talking?

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