Based on the model in Special Instruction Leaflet № 13 with minor modifications. These include changing the unit from manual to electrical power; changing the wooden drawing platform to one made from two 6” circular plates, separated by four double angle brackets; and adding a handle to make it easy to hold the model. I also made it possible to use one or two cams instead just one, to produce different designs.

There are a few other ways to change the designs, but these involve removing parts of the mechanism, then inserting different parts. This can only be done with some difficulty due to the manner in which the original design was conceived.

I originally thought that this model was designed about 100 years ago, based on the fact that the model was for sale on the internet, made from early nickel parts. But I now realise that this does not mean that the design was as early as these parts. If anyone knows when this model was first designed, I would very much like to hear from them!

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