Tank Transporter Bogie

Work-in-progress bogie with suspension and steering for a tank transporter.

I am modelling the US military Oshkosh M1070 HETS tractor and semitrailer. A search for suitable tyres for the tractor found a 4½” diameter tyre having a tread exactly replicating those of the prototype vehicle, which sets the scale at about 1:12.

Before embarking on the vehicle’s structural architecture, I thought it best to investigate modelling some of the complex mechanisms first. One of these is wheel arrangement of the trailer. It has 40 wheels over five axles. each axle consists of two bogies, each bogie having two duals (8 wheels). Each bogie is steerable at a different angle per axle to allow the rear of the trailer to swing wide in bends. All the bogies have hydraulic suspension and are retractable in height to lower the deck for ease of loading.

Another issue is the trailer wheels, since the scale dictates the model wheel/tyres to be 2½” diameter. The perfect tyre would be the 142d H/D to fit 1½” pulleys used as duals, however, I have only two and they seem to be unavailable. The next best wheel/tyre is the 187cm/A045 combination, which at 2.83 diameter x 1–1/8” wide is a little too large. As one of these would substitute for dual pairs, it is the best compromise yet!

A retractable, steerable suspended bogie is modelled, using a 168a/b/c ball race of which I only have the one!

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