The Aggressor Mk II Fairground Ride

After having built The Apocalypse at the beginning of 2023, and displayed it in February, I completely changed the model which became The Aggressor — a tilting, fast rotating fairground model with eight arms and cars.

After it was displayed at the SELMEC meeting on 17th June, I was about to dismantle it when suddenly I came with the idea to change the model once more.

I thought to build another rotating structure similar to the one with the eight cars already in place in the heavy-duty axle on top of the tilting tower.

This second canopy with another eight cars could slide in the same axle right on top of the original one, but these arms needed to be constructed rather longer so the new cars could properly align all at the same level.

Now the model has increase to sixteen cars, eight on each canopy.

I was concerned about motor coping with the extra weight, and after it was tested, I realised I needed to use a more powerful transformer as the one I had been using was cutting out at short intervals.

The next step was to build a loading area or main entrance, where there are steps, railings, an arch with light, and signs. This unit can be placed next to the main base of the main body of the ride and tower.

Finally, I built a rectangular base platform, about 1m long and 48cm wide, where both units can be placed next to each other for display.

There are a few Meccano club slogans as advertising bolted to the base side wall, a kiosk, a decorative plate on top of the axle, and a sort of dome and a spindle. All of these items are removable, along with the two rotating canopies with the sixteen cars.

I think this big and heavy model is the first I have ever built which can be split into nine separate units for transportation.

The Aggressor Mk II is now ready to thrill the riders.


Another great model from James.

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