Funicular Railway

This model was built for the September 2008 Secretary’s Challenge and therefore uses only parts 1 to 50. That includes strips, angle girders and most of the gears. It also includes the pulleys but not the tyres. All this aside, the biggest problem is bolts — no long bolts.

Over the years we have amassed a vast selection of perforated strips in zinc finish as well as a good selection of angle girders and double angle brackets of various lengths. It looked as if we had a good chance of building something of a reasonable size.

The restrictions on the parts used meant that any solid areas have to be built up from multiple strips bolted side by side. It then became obvious that this project was going to be nut and bolt hungry. As I wanted to stay loosely within the late ‘60s period this meant slotted cheese-head bolts and square nuts. A bit of a sort out produced a good supply so now all we needed to do was build something. Sue and I discussed several possibilities before opting for a funicular railway.


This is great! ! My son loves to build, and would love to try to build this funicular. Are plans available? Which set would I need to start with? Thanks, Nathan Negin.

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