Hummer Vehicle

A 1:6 scale model AM General Hummer vehicle.


  • Four wheel drive
  • Friction clutch
  • 5-speed and reverse gearbox (later fitted with Ravigneaux 3-speed and reverse gearbox with Hi-Lo range change and integral inter-axle differential)
  • Front and rear bevel differentials
  • Centre spur gear differential
  • Ackerman rack and pinion steering
  • Full scale jounce independent suspension on all four wheels
  • Hub reduction gearing at all four wheels
  • Toe-in
  • Camber and castor steering geometry
  • 6½” Goodyear Wrangler tyres
  • Radio control with on-board NiCad or mains DC power supply
  • Opening hood
  • Side and rear doors
  • Sky lifting sling attachment points
  • Towing/hauling attachment points
  • Crash-bar attachment points


Mr. Wenbourne, your GM Hummer model is the best model which I have ever seen — how long did it take you to build this model?

Hi Alan, I am in the process of building your gearbox used in the Hummer. I have the gears but if at all possible can you supply any material in addition to that which is posted on the South East London Meccano Club website as there are some areas which are not shown. Or can you provide building instructions. I am very excited about building it and have made progress as far as the planetary arrangements are concerned, but need more info about the clutch and brake function and its control. And general parts to accomodate the axles etc. I hope you can help as I would feel a great sense of acheivement if I can build it to your excellent standard. I am not too bothered about the special 57-tooth 6-hole gear as it is not going in a vehicle and is just for show and length is not an issue. Kindest regards, Maurice.

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