March 2020 Virtual Meeting

Saturday 28 March 2020
12:00 noon – 5:00pm

Falconwood Community Centre
31–39 Falconwood Parade
DA16 2PG

Due to the coronavirus pandemic,
this meeting has been CANCELLED.

Instead we will be holding the meeting ‘virtually’ online. If you are a member you are encouraged to log into the website and upload photos of your models for everyone to admire! How’s about a photo of you drinking from your Secretary’s Challenge mug?!

You can also e-mail your photos and model descriptions to us and we will upload them for you on the day of the ‘meeting’.

Look out for an e-mail from us shortly for more information on how to participate.

The Mug Holders Secretary’s Challenge

This Challenge is an idea from Cathy Warrell. She’s been inspired by a Lego mug she saw online. This mug was in one piece (so not actually made of Lego) but you could attach Lego parts to it — and still drink out of it!

The Challenge has be adapted somewhat for Meccano. The idea is to construct a mug holder for either a single use paper cup, a multi-use Keep Cup or any other cup without its own handle. If you can bolt some useful parts to it, and still be able to drink out of it, so much the better!

Challenge models

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