The Great Get Together 2013

Saturday 29 June 2013
Royal Artillery Barracks

This event, coinciding with Armed Forces Day, took place on a very sunny Saturday at the end of June in the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich.

Arriving shortly before 9:00am I found myself in a queue of traffic waiting to get vehicle access to the site. Eventually persuading the security guard that I was an official exhibitor I was in and quickly found Frank Paine setting up his display and laying out the tablecloths. We had been allocated ample table space in a spacious marquee in the arts and crafts area, but everything seemed quite disorganised. However we eventually managed to get power and chairs delivered. I do wonder if the organisers had hired a generator for us at short notice — it was massive and way beyond our meagre needs.

Having set up our displays we readied ourselves for the public to arrive from 11:00am, and arrive they certainly did. By lunchtime there were thousands circulating amongst the many stalls, displays and attractions and we were collectively kept busy demonstrating our models, answering the usual — and some unusual — questions from the public. There was no rain and we were blessed with good sunshine most of the day.

Chris Fry chats with John Gay about his models
Chris Fry chats with John Gay about his models

There was much else for the public to see and do including:

  • Drawing, designing and making music in the craft area
  • Birds of prey, owls, parrots, farm animals and a mini zoo complete with python and meerkats
  • Animated tyrannosaurus rex (well, it was a man in a rubber suit, but very entertaining)
  • Live music on stage
  • Fairground rides
  • Trapeze acts
  • Zorbing
  • Military hardware, bands and demonstrations
  • Red Devils parachute display
Some of Chris Fry’s models
Some of Chris Fry’s models

By the time the event closed at 6:00pm I was quite tired — it had seemed a very long day, but also very worthwhile, and we had handed out a lot of publicity flyers for our October Meccano Show.

Given a similar opportunity to participate I would recommend getting involved.

Francis Paine’s vast display always pleases the crowds
Francis Paine’s vast display always pleases the crowds

Models Displayed

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